Alecia Fox – Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Worth You


Alecia Fox – Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Worth You
Released: March 29, 2024

Alecia Fox can’t figure out her boyfriend. They have been together for a while and she takes great care of him. She is easygoing, low maintenance and loves him completely. In the bedroom, she gives him everything he wants and is always down to try new things. Even with all of this going for her, she can’t seem to get any extra attention from him. When she wakes up horny one morning and starts texting him, she is upset that he ignores her messages. Upset at first, she decides to forget all about her boyfriend and hook up with a stranger using a new app. She has absolutely no trouble finding someone willing to come over and they waste no time getting to what they both want. Alecia wanted attention and this stud is happy to give it to her…

He also has a hard cock that is way bigger than her boyfriend’s. She is overjoyed to have that fat thing in her mouth and shows him just how good she is at sucking cock. He enjoys the head and flips her around for 69. The handsome stranger grabs her by the hips to show her just how much he wants to fuck her tight pussy. She can’t believe how good it feels and drags him right into her bed so he can bang her even harder. Showing off a little bit, she spreads wide, using her gymnastics training to really impress her new playmate. Sex hasn’t been this good or this much fun in a long time and Alecia enjoys every hot stroke. She sucks him again, this time letting him shoot his load all over her face. Alecia wonders if she will even miss her boyfriend when she kicks him out.

Date: April 2, 2024