Alyssa Lynn – Mommy-Son Time

Rates : 85

  • Alyssa Lynn – Mommy-Son Time
    Little horn dog Robby Echo rubs his cock vigorously while holding onto a pair of his stepmom’s underwear. Another is dangling around his balls. He smells the sweet scent of Alyssa Lynn’s panties, not noticing her walking into the room and catching him in the act. Robby denies everything she witnesses, regardless of Alyssa’s forgiving nature. Alyssa admits that since Robby’s father is always gone, she indulges herself, pleasing her lonely pussy from time to time. Robby eventually admits to stroking his cock and feeling bad for his step mom being alone all the time, he offers her a soothing back massage. Alyssa doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Robby completely disagrees…