Blake Blossom – Employee Of The Month


Blake Blossom – Employee Of The Month
Released: April 12, 2024

Paul (Dan Damage) is finishing up his work after a long day in the office, however, his boss Lisa (Blake Blossom) doesn’t think so. She handed him a new task and even told him straight that she liked pushing him around. Paul couldn’t do much more than clench his fist out of anger in front of Lisa, which surprisingly stopped her bitching. Not only that, but it stopped her entirely, Lisa is frozen in time…

Paul quickly realizes how to use this new power, and of course, uses it to mess with Lisa. He unbuttons her shirt to reveal that Lisa is not even wearing a bra. He does the next best thing and unfreezes the time only to see her embarrassed. He even whipped his cock out and starts convincing Lisa that it’s all her doing, she came on to him, not the other way around.

She threatens to go to HR and report this whole thing, but Paul is quick to stop her in time, and instead lick her pussy, to show Lisa who’s the real boss. Once he unfreezes Lisa, she starts to tremble as the orgasmic feelings rush through her body all at once. She even tells Paul that he should go home but he has other things on his mind. As Lisa kneels to pick up the papers from the floor, Paul freezes her again.

This time he fucks her mouth, he holds her head still while sticking his big dick down her throat, before once again unfreezing Lisa so she moves in a more favorable position. As she was backing off, Lisa bumped into a table and got frozen still there. Just perfect, now Paul can stick his fat cock inside Lisa’s pussy right there on the work table and fuck her hard.

Date: April 30, 2024