Jim Slip – Julie Skyhigh

Rates : 12

  • So continuing on from last weeks casting Julie wanted to dress as a “cheap whore” and she re-appeared looking amazing, except her “cheap whore” outfit cost at least 2000 pounds! I am sure many of you will also love the outfit, especially those boots! She taunted Lara Latex by striding around the flat wiggling her tight round bum into the camera and then my eyes nearly popped out of my head and when she bent over, pulled down her tiny red shorts (500 pounds) and then pulled her bum cheeks apart! Naturally, I had no choice but to drop my trousers and plunge my stiff cock into her and give her a good screwing. We then started to fuck in every possible position on the sofa, with Julie banging up and down on my like a pile-driver gone mad! We ended up in a 69 position with me lapping up her pussy juice and her pummelling or should I say “Frack…