Katie Kush – Way Better Than Your Girlfriend


Katie Kush – Way Better Than Your Girlfriend
Released: June 26, 2024

Katie shows off her incredible flexibility, putting both feet behind her head and inviting Vince to explore every inch of her body. He happily obliges, licking and fingering her wet pussy and tight asshole, which won’t stay tight for long. Katie returns the favor with a deep-throating blowjob that’ll have jaws dropping and cocks rising. The frenzy of spit and gag sounds escalates into a face-fucking that makes it clear —Katie is nothing short of a cock devourer. Then, it’s time for her ass to take a pounding in various positions, including piledriver, reverse cowgirl, and doggystyle. Vince doesn’t hold back, and Katie takes it all like a champ, even going from ass to mouth without hesitation. The grand finale features Vince unloading his cum shot into Katie’s mouth, and she plays with like it’s her favorite dessert.

Date: July 8, 2024