Kitana Montana – Owned by a Goddess


Kitana Montana – Owned by a Goddess
Released: July 3, 2024

Brand new to, dressed in latex, the gorgeous Kitana Montana makes herself right at home with her submissive, Fluffy. Naked, on his knees, and with his wrists shackled to a wooden beam, he’s ordered to stick his ass out and Kitana spanks his ass hard with her latex gloved hands. She grabs a leather paddle and hits his ass until his cheeks turn bright red. After that, she fucks his ass good and deep with a big fat strap-on dildo. Kitana makes him clean off her dildo with his mouth and she shoves it down his throat.

Next, Kitana has Fluffy naked on the wooden floor, sitting on his feet. He’s tied up in rope bondage with his wrists behind his back and his neck tied to the long wooden beam. Kitana covers him with clothespins and teases him with her big beautiful breasts. She slides a cold metal sounding rod down his dick-hole and laughs at his pain. In the final scene, Mistress Kitana has Fluffy lying on his back on top of a dirty mattress. She smothers his face with her perfect ass and makes him lick her pussy and asshole. She rides his cock and tells him how lucky he is, but it brings her no pleasure and so she humiliates him for having such a pathetic dick. She sits on his face again and edges his cock with her hands until he cant take it anymore and blows a huge load. She makes him eat his disgusting mess. She grabs a Hitachi and while hovering her pussy over Fluffy’s face, cums hard multiple times.

Date: July 3, 2024