Laney Grey & Bunny Madison – Out From Under


Laney Grey & Bunny Madison – Out From Under
Released: March 31, 2024

Simone (Laney Grey), an in-house caregiver, is packing up when another woman, Lela (Bunny Madison), stops by to see if she needs any help. As they chat, it’s revealed that Simone was taking care of Lela’s parent, who recently passed. Although her job is done, Simone feels greatly for Lela’s loss, concerned about her well-being during this difficult time…

Lela admits to feeling conflicted, revealing that she’s a lesbian. Although her parent wasn’t initially accepting, he eventually became… tolerant… of it. But with his early-onset dementia, their relationship deteriorated and she chose to go back into the closet to protect them both.

Simone is surprised but empathetic as she opens up and comes out to Lela as a lesbian, too. Lela is equally surprised by the reveal, both of them having no idea that the other was lesbian until that very moment. As Lela reflects on being able to live authentically again, Simone is supportive, and there are sparks between them.

Lela and Simone reflect on how they never had the chance to properly get to know each other while Simone was working with the family. Because of that, it feels like an opportunity for them to become close was missed. But as they move in for a first kiss, maybe there’s a chance for a new beginning.

Date: April 2, 2024