Lumi Ray – Lumi’s First Robot Sex


Lumi Ray – Lumi’s First Robot Sex
Released: June 24, 2024

Lumi Ray is at Kink to get fucked by machines – very specialized fucking machines that generate customized orgasms. She is most certainly going to be spoiled by the robots today. It’s a beautiful day outside in a beautiful setting with a beautiful girl so let’s jump in! After peeling off her clothes to reveal full natural tits, Lumi starts her fuck session with the vibrator, to get warmed up. With her legs spread wide open, Lumi vibrates her pussy right into a squirting orgasm, and then another.

She is off to a great start and it only gets better from here. Now she is ready for her very first fucking machine. A fat black dildo on the end of a long pole fucks her pussy with machine precision, in and out repeatedly, faster and faster until she cums hard. She just keeps taking it and taking it, loving every thrust. Next, laying down in the grass Lumi gets another custom crafted cum machine ramming her hole until she squirts and cums several times, leaving her lusciously limp and breathless in the afternoon breeze. Finally Lumi is in the pool, on a rock, on all fours with her ass up in the air. Starting slow the robot cock glides in and out of her wet, slutty pussy and then builds into a faster relentless fucking, giving her endless orgasms and making her squirt, and smile, and a very happy girl.

Date: June 24, 2024