Massage Rooms – George on Katy


George started his treatment on Katy as he does with any other client, oiling her body front and back until fully relaxed, but on this day he was a lot hornier than usual and was dying to slip his hard cock inside her tight sexy hole. So when she started to wank him off he could barely contain himself and he needed her pussy more than ever. He soon slipped it in from behind making both of them moan and groan with animal pleasure. Katy was loving his hard cock in her and she soon climbed on top of him, teasing his cock by rubbing her pussy up and down its shaft before easing it in and moving up and down on it, filling herself to the brim with his meat. George was in ecstasy and loving every second of Katy’s soft pussy and firm body as she looked him in the eyes while he penetrated her in many positions, stopping only to finger Katy until her pussy squelched from the sound of her internal juices. George fucked Katy relentlessly, giving her what she wanted until he couldn’t hold it for another second and he pulled out his raging hard-on and spunked all over her sexy body.

Massage Rooms – George on Katy.

Date: January 24, 2014