Viv Thomas – Amirah Adara & Anita B

Rates : 1

  • Anita B takes selfies in different panties, and then asks lingerie consultant Amirah Adarah for her opinion. Amirah offers to model some of her selection for Anita, putting on various sexy examples that show off her fine ass. A tiny red thong tempts Anita to touch her, and then when she tries on a crotchless pair and spreads her thighs, Anita begins to stroke her bare pussy. Anita kneels to lick and finger her succulent slit, making her arch her back and moan with pleasure, then moves her into doggy position and eats her from behind. Anita licks her asshole and slides a finger inside, then diddles her pussy until she cums. Amirah undresses Anita, sucks her nipples and eats her pussy skilfully, then spins her over to lick and finger her ass. They move into spoons and she rubs Anita to a climax.